basilica di santa maria maggiore

Layne Hedrick

I came to photography out of a need to document our anthropological past. While studying archaeology, I developed a photographic style based on my ability to record historical remains for academic publications. As an important part of the overall scientific process, photography helped me expose important details about the human experience.

As my field of study narrowed to shipwreck archaeology, my camera came with me underwater. Shipwrecks are compartmentalized time capsules that reveal a tremendous amount about shipboard life and the cultures from which they came. Through photography, I was again able to document the stories being uncovered during underwater excavations.

Moving beyond the academic, photography, as art, came into focus as I began to investigate the many cultures where I worked. During these occasions, I tried to document the everyday life in which I found myself. I tried to capture spontaneous raw emotions as they unfolded out on the street. There was also travel photography because of my fascination with our past. Capturing images of historic sites, wonders of the world, and long forgotten testaments to human achievement are also a major component of my portfolio.

Pushing underwater photography as well, I have moved beyond simply recording historical relics. Instead of viewing what is visible as if to be presented in an academic catalog, I now present stories of the marine life that have made their home in the remains and in our oceans. The underwater environment presents tremendous opportunities for the skilled photographer and I try to bring back as much of its beauty as possibly each and every dive.

Today my style continues to develop as I hone my skill both above and below water. I continue to learn and train to drive my photographic skill still farther. I live to travel and want nothing more than to bring back my experiences to share with others.

Please check out my blog at - to stay up to date on my latest trips and assignments.

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